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    tripod selfie stick changes the world of selfies

    2019-10-23 05:36:17 Source:源德盛 Edit:源德盛 Read:

    The invention of the selfie stick has made taking pictures of a person, especially a person, more comfortable, and its popularity can be seen in popular tourist attractions. Recently, far point pat has introduced a kind of selfie stick. Different from conventional selfie sticks, it integrates selfie stick and tripod. It is made of aluminum alloy and is lightweight. In addition, the stand supports the 360° rotation adjustment of the phone, and the bluetooth controller makes taking photos more free. The selfie sticks will be available in black, blue and pink. The advent of the tripod selfie stick has changed the world of selfies, making them easier and easier to take.


    The selfie stick is small and easy to carry. The measurement size is 19x4.5x4.95cm. It is made of aluminum alloy. The bottom handle can be expanded into a tripod, with a rotatable retractable phone holder, adjustable Angle, and bluetooth 3.0 (android 4.3 required) controller to free the user's hands for fast and efficient remote control. In addition, the handle has anti-skid treatment, better grip feel.