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    How long can the "magic stick" keep going

    2019-10-23 05:29:25 Source:源德盛 Edit:源德盛 Read:

    These days, selfie gadgets are all the rage. In various domestic scenic spots and some venues, we can see tourists taking photos with various selfie sticks everywhere.


    While many people enjoy the "selfie gadget", it also raises a variety of concerns.

    In recent years, in the beautiful west lake, it is common to see a thin aluminum alloy pole standing up in the crowd with a small mobile phone on it. This is especially true of tour groups.

    Selfie sticks have their USES in museums, too. During the peak tourist season, tourists often take photos with their selfie sticks with the cultural relics in gushan museum area of zhejiang province. At the su dongpo memorial hall and the tang yun art museum, occasional visitors with selfie sticks enter.

    But the popularity of "selfie sticks" has also posed a safety hazard for visitors and museum collections. For this reason, famous tourist attractions and museums in the United States, France, Japan, South Korea and other countries have issued "expulsion orders" on selfie sticks, banning tourists from bringing them into tourist attractions and museums.

    In China, the capital museum, the Beijing art museum and museums or galleries in jiangsu, anhui and guangdong provinces have explicitly said "no" to selfie sticks.

    In hangzhou, selfie sticks have not been banned yet, but museums have started to encourage visitors not to take them with them.

    Selfie sticks can be stretched out of reach and used by a small number of unwitting tourists to touch cultural relics, according to a museum official in zhejiang province. And "do not touch cultural relics and display tools" this is the general museum visit notice will mention the content, hope everyone consciously abide by.

    Meanwhile, several museums in hangzhou are planning to add security checks to better protect the museum's cultural relics. Items that cannot be brought into the museum in the future will be intercepted at this "first line of defense". Visitors will have to deposit items that may pose a danger to the museum's exhibits before they can enter the museum.

    In view of the situation "take artifact", central south forestry university of science and technology institute of tourism related, experts say, the emergence of any new things, rather than block under the order, not equal to keep pace with The Times, a corresponding countermeasures disadvantages, including clear constraints take actions, responsibilities and obligations, take corresponding measures to strengthen the prevention, rare and precious cultural relics are open and inclusive attitude.

    1. Avoid using selfie sticks in crowded, cramped areas, especially indoors.

    2. Don't make calls if your phone is still on the stick.

    3. If someone else appears in your selfie, ask permission.

    4. Show respect and self-restraint. If you take too many selfies in crowded museums and memorials, you will show disrespect to others and pose a security risk to the exhibits.