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    Are you a "selfie stick addict"?

    2019-10-23 05:23:36 Source:源德盛 Edit:源德盛 Read:

    National Day long holiday period, I also gathered a lively, to see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland. At a 5A scenic spot in a neighboring province, the group spent a whole day weaving through the rolling "fairy mountain" and clouds. Compared with other famous tourist spots in China, there were not many tourists on the day, and most of the roads were relatively smooth, except when the walker in front of you suddenly stopped to take photos.

    Would you mind emerge a familiar scene: a smile girl leaning against a tree lost its tree, waiting to stand in two metres away for her boyfriend shoot photos of the moving all passers-by, like line up to the bank to do business, consciously stood outside "1 rice noodle" wait, until they finished their work.

    But now, more often than not, we have to make way for a secret weapon: a selfie stick about a metre long. At the beginning, I saw many stars and web celebrity take photos with it on the Internet. Later, I heard that it was also "hot" among the people and climbed a mountain, only to find that people all over the world were holding this selfie artifact! At the gate of the scenic area there is a large group of people holding it to take a photo; On the mountain road, some people take photos with the beautiful scenery of different places as the background. On the top of the mountain, some people took pictures of the effect of swallowing mountains and rivers...

    For some reason, I worry a little bit about what will happen if those long, short selfie sticks fall off the mountain, where there are so many abyss beneath me that it's not worth losing an iPhone6 or 6S. But this mood has been replaced by another kind of frustration: many people take selfies completely regardless of the environment and timing, taking selfies on the steps of the mountain has taken up half of the passage. On the plank road about one meter wide, the selfie stick goes into battle, others can not pass at all; And in can barely pass a person's line day, actually someone busy selfie, so that caused a chain jam!

    During the National Day this year, there was another news about selfie sticks: in Japan gion, there were many Chinese tourists using selfie sticks. One time, a Chinese tourist swung a selfie stick around and hit a Japanese old man nearby, which caused him to bleed and get injured, and finally took him to the hospital. I don't know what to say about such an accident.

    We've never thought selfie sticks were such a clever invention, but there's no denying that they've helped us take great pictures. One person attributes the obsession with selfie sticks to a desire for "god's perspective." Architecture critic Michael Benedikt believes that our life today has become a kaleidoscope, which is overwhelming and people need new ways and angles to see themselves and the world. Of all the possible ways to explore your true self, the "god's perspective" is probably the most honest and revealing. That's why every time you see an astronaut take a picture of earth, you can't help but open your eyes.

    The selfie stick allows us to capture real life from a new Angle, which may be why it's such a positive thing, and why it's such a must-have. However, for the abuse of excessive use, improper use, there have been serious thinking and prevention. Over the summer, Disney announced that it would ban selfie sticks at its parks in Orlando and California on June 30 due to safety concerns, and at its parks in Paris and Hong Kong on July 1. "Selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for tourists and performers," an official spokesman said.