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    Winners'Sun Plastic Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. It is a national high-tech enterprise.
    It is a comprehensive supplier focusing on the peripheral products of mobile phones, which is wholly invested by BVI Desheng in mainland China.

    Adjusting Business Strategy to Build Brand

    After the global financial crisis in 2008, the company adjusted its business actively catered to the pendent research and development.

    With a keen market sense and foresight, the company began to develop mobile phone accessories and peripheral products in the second half of 2013.
    Since 2014, the company has invested 20 milof nearly 40 people. It has launched nearly 30 new products annually, and has accumulated more than 100 patents.

    The company's core productce 20n sales and shipments, with sales of more than 300 million yuan in 2018 and expected to exceed 4 billion yuan in 2019.



    The company has 30,000 square meters of plant area, more than 900 employees, daily production capacity of 50,000 (Taiwan). In Winners'Sun, every employee is working efficiently and hard to provide a strong guarantee for our output. We have developed a standard work manual to guide each workflow, from the choice of raw materials, feed detection to production process and quality detection.
    Our injection workshop has all kinds of advanced equipment, which effectively promotes CNC programming, die design, trial mold modification, die repair and injection molding, reduces development costs and raw material consumption, and effectively meets the R&D requirements of our development and design department. Mold injection workshop can also escort the high quality and punctual delivery of products.